NAD+ IV is an anti-aging IV therapy and potential addiction treatment formulated to help boost your body’s levels of NAD+. Get your mind and energy back with an at-home NAD+ IV infusion from Total Health & Wellness. It’s easy to book an appointment by calling us at (951) 230-8452.

NAD+ IV - $195

Experience the benefits of IV therapy. Our package currently includes:

+ 1000cc of Saline
+ NAD+

NAD+ IV Cost

NAD+ costs $195 for 100 mg. The price is determined by the dosage. We offer NAD+ in the following dosages:

100 MG= $195
250 MG= $350
500 MG= $550
750 MG= $800
1000 MG=$900

Possible Benefits

  • Helps overcome fatigue: An NAD+ IV infusion helps supply the energy the body needs on a cellular level to heal and function at its best.
  • Maximizes brain function: NAD+ promotes the process of mitochondrial biogenesis and helps protect cells from toxins and damage. 
  • Aids with cell regeneration: Increasing NAD+ levels throughout your body allows it to heal itself from injury more effectively. The coenzyme is crucial to the activation of poly ADP-ribose polymerases (PARPs), which help repair damaged DNA. 
  • Slows aging: Sirtuin enzymes and NAD+ can turn off specific genes that promote issues related to aging, fat storage and blood sugar management.

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