The Energy Injection helps you boost your energy levels, accelerate your metabolism, and promote weight loss. The injection contains only natural ingredients meant to improve the overall health of eligible patients and support their efforts to lose weight and achieve their ideal body weight.


The Energy Injection contains a complex mixture of natural compounds used to supplement the body’s essential vitamin levels and improve its function:

MIC (Lipotropic fat-blasting amino acids) – compounds like methionine, inositol, and choline, which are essential for fat transportation and removal from the body;

Vitamin B-12 injection– a water-soluble vitamin to boost your energy levels, increase fat burning, reduce stress, improve memory, and contribute to healthy cardiac function;

B-complex vitamins – a vitamin cocktail that contains vitamins from the “B” family to balance B vitamin levels, improve mood, combat depression, and reduce the feeling of fogginess;


Unlike oral vitamin supplementation, the Energy Injection comes with the benefit of having essential nutrient doses shot directly into the bloodstream for faster and more visible effects. Energy Injection treatments are associated with beneficial effects such as:

Vitamin injections are considered to be safe for healthy patients. Weekly injections treatments ensures a continuous supply of essential nutrients and vitamins required for improved body faction and overall health and well-being.